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Lenze Ltd.
Fraser Road, Priory Business Park,
Bedford MK44 3WH

Phone +44 1234 / 753 200
Telefax +44 1234 / 753 220
E-Mail: uk.sales(at)lenze.com
Internet: www.Lenze.com/en-gb/home/

Service out of hours:  +44 7899 921190
Service out of hours:  008000 24 46877  

Vogel products:
Angular gearboxes,
Bevel gearboxes,
Custom gearboxes,
Custom gearwheels,
Drive technology,
Gear cutting services,
Gear transmissions,
Gear wheels,
Helical cylindrical gears,
Helical gearboxes,
Hollow shaft gears,
Internal gearwheels,
Lifting drives,
Low backlash gearboxes,
Milled gears,
Offset gearboxes,
Phase shifter gearboxes,
Planetary gearboxes,
Power gearboxes,
Precision drives,
Pulleys for timing belts,
Reduction gearboxes,
Servo drives,
Shaft-mounted gears,
Special gearboxes,
Spiral bevel gears,
Spur wheels,
Variable speed gearboxes.


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