Privacy Statement

Our companies, Wilhelm Vogel GmbH Antriebstechnik and Vogel Verzahntechnik GmbH & Co. KG, welcome you on our website. Thank you for your interest in our company, our products and services.

It is very important to us, that your personal data during data assessment, processing and usage while visiting our homepage is protected.  

We do not accept any liability for external links to third party contents even though they have been viewed thoroughly, since we did not initiate the forwarding of this information, nor chose the addressee of the forwarded information, nor chose or changed the forwarded information.

The assessment, processing and usage of your data will be carried out in line with legal regulations. You can inform yourself about these regulations by visiting the following websites:  and

In the following, we will outline in detail what kind of information we will collect during your visit on our website and how this information will be used:

Assessment and processing of data, if necessary personal data
Every time a user accesses our website and every time data is retrieved, information about this activity will be saved in a log file. This storage of information is exclusively used for internal system based and statistical purposes.
The following set of data about every access is being saved:
• name of the accessed file
• date and time of access
• transferred amount of data
• notification, if accessing the file was successful
• type description of the web browser used
• inquiring domain.

Additional personal information like your name, address, telephone number or email address will not be collected, unless you voluntarily give us this information, e.g. through registration, requested by you, a survey, online competition/game, following up on a contract or an inquiry about information.
Usage and transmission of personal data

If you provide us with your personal data, we will use it exclusively for the purpose of technical administration of our website and to fulfil your wishes and requests, especially in order to process a closed contract or to answer to your inquiry.

We will not transfer, sell or in any other way transmit your personal data to a third party, unless:
• this is necessary in order to settle the contract. For instance, when you place an order, it might be necessary to share your address and order information with our supplier.
• this is necessary for billing purposes.
• you agreed to that ahead of time.

You have the right at any time to cancel this agreement effective immediately.
We will delete the personal data,

• if you cancel your agreement concerning storing of your data.

• if information is no longer necessary for the fulfilment of the original purpose  

• if the storage of your data is in any way illegal by law.

Right of Access to personal data
We will be glad to inform you about the personal data (e.g. name of the company, name, address, telephone number) we stored about you, if you send us your request in writing.

Automatically registered, non-personal data; creation of cookies; supporting programs, active contents
When entering our websites, automatically generated information(not through registration), which cannot be related to one person (e.g. information about an internet browser or an operating system; domain names of websites through which by using a web link the access occurred; average time of stay; accessed sites) will be collected. Our company is using this information in order to constantly improve and update the appearance of our homepage and therefore to make it more attractive to visitors.

When visiting our website/websites it could happen, that information initiated by us will be stored in form of a - cookie - on your computer, which will help us to automatically recognize your computer with your next visit on our homepage. Cookies allow us among others to adjust the website according to your desires or to save a password, so you won't have to enter it again every time you visit. 

When leaving our site by using a link and therefore get to a third party website, it could happen, that the addressee of the third party website also might store a cookie. We are not legally responsible for these cookies.

Please read the Privacy Statements of our partners for information regarding the usage of such cookies and the information saved on them.

When providing this internet appearance, script languages such as Java-Applets, Active-X-Controls, Java-Script and others can be used. Please deactivate the settings of your browser accordingly, if you don't want to use these supporting programs or active contents due to safety reasons.
Security advice
We are making every necessary technical and organisational safety effort, in order to save your personal data in a way, that no third party nor the public has access to it. If you would like to contact us by email, we would like to inform you, that we can not guarantee the total privacy of your information through this way of communication. We therefore recommend that you would send us any confidential information exclusively by mail. 

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data:

Wilhelm Vogel GmbH Antriebstechnik
Philipp Renz 
Stattmannstrasse 1  
72644 Oberboihingen



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