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September 24, 2010

Vogel Antriebstechnik is sponsoring a vehicle construction research project


Stuttgart  University  students at the endowed chair for Wind Energy within the Institute of Vehicle Construction started work on designing and building a wind-powered vehicle, the Ventomobile, in autumn 2007. Within the context of the - Inventus - research project, the focus is on creating sustainable mobility using renewable energies. Following several months of development work, the first wind-powered vehicle entered and won an international race in Holland in August 2008. Since then, the students have been working continually on the further development and optimisation of this future technology, relying on support from industry for their project of course. It was natural for Vogel Antriebstechnik to provide not only conceptual but also material support for the project. Know-how in drive engineering was needed during revision of the gear system, and Vogel was able to provide the Stuttgart-based project team bevel gears for integration in the Ventomobile.


Pro7 recently broadcast a report during its - Galileo- programme about the latest development of the innovative vehicle, which  is now adorned by a Vogel sponsoring logo, and the vehicle will be undergoing a new practical test during this year's Aeolus Race in Denmark soon. Vogel Antriebstechnik will be very curious to see how the new gears work in practice, of course.


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Gearing technology to servo technology from Vogel

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