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Contact: Mr. Philipp Renz
27. August 2004

Vogel Antriebstechnik presents further innovations on the Motek fair:  
Hall : 7,
Stand : 7124. 

Vogel gearboxes move the handling technique.

The Wilhelm Vogel GmbH, specialist for gearboxes in the drive technology, exhibits this year on the Motek in Sinsheim.  

Because straight in the handling technique Vogel gearboxes show their strong sides.
Thus low backlash planetary gearboxes and innovative low backlash small planetary gearboxes provide for high precision in the positioning owing to extremely small baklash and high torsional stiffness.  Also with servo-drives the products of the development-strong middle class enterprise from Oberboihingen near Stuttgart, are in demand:  Particularly for the combination with servo motors optimized servo spiral bevel gearboxes are available, which, with a large ratio range in mathematical accuracy, are laid out for high numbers of revolutions and maximum precision in backlash.  Its appearance on the Motek connects Vogel with the conception of a new servo hollow shaft gearbox and an extended offer at product literature.  New catalogues for spiral bevel gearboxes and bevel helical gearboxes are available.  In addition new CD ROM is presented, which offers valuable working helps for technical designers, technical documentation and purchase.

Walter Speier is convinced:  "Our position as an important partner in the handling technique, and particularly in the Robothandling, is continued to strengthen by the Motek participation."
By the participation of Vogel, the Motek of this year, became for developers and technical designers in addition, for operators of the plants, still more interesting. 

To the enterprise:
The Wilhelm Vogel GmbH with base in the Stuttgart Industrial region is a medium-size private company and world market leader in the range of phaseshifter gearboxes.
They concentrate on gearbox production, with a range including Spiral bevel gearboxes, Bevel helical gearboxes, Planetary gearboxes with low backlash, Phaseshifter gearboxes, Special production gearboxes and Gear manufacturing.
Amongst worldwide customers in general mechanical engineering are printing and packaging machines, cable and textile machines, handling, robotic, bottling, canning plants and conveyor plants.

With the new servo hollow shaft gearboxes Wilhelm Vogel GmbH extends its successful product row of the servo spiral bevel gearboxes.

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